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Clooney and Blue Thunder

About Us

Welcome Home

My name is Brian " Clooney" LaLonde and my wife is Deborah " Blue Thunder" LaLonde. We are both Deaf but enjoy our bikes. Our other Co- Founder is Rick " Crash " Eggett (deceased)

The International Brotherhood of Deaf Bikers was created for Deaf Bikers around the world. It is a group of Deaf riders who love to ride their bikes.

We believe that the Deaf should have their own international Riding Club. Somewhere we can call home, that's what this Riding Club is about.

Our mission is to spread the word around the world that the Deaf have a new International Riding Club and a place of their own.

Currently the home chapter is in Ontario Canada but we are looking for strong motivated people who believe they can open a new chapter in their city in their country.

Please go to our " Contact Us " page to get in touch with us.

Thank You,

Brian "Clooney" Lalonde

Co-Founder(s) of IBDB

Rick "Crash" Eggett (deceased)

Founder: All Canadian Riding Club (ACRC)

Co-Founder: International Brotherhood of Deaf Bikers (IBDB)